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Our products significantly reduce hydrocarbons and other chemical toxins in soil, water, waste water and other areas of the environment. We stand by our products and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

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Just the other day I did a test on Elementally Greens Big Buds product and I couldn’t believe how quick it was, truly the best product yet I've used so far! And this is much more than just a seed soak, full of enzymes and beneficial fungi and bacterias... unbelievable!!! Great product! Made in Texas! Check em out!

Jonathan G.

I started using this product and am VERY impressed, I saw results within just a couple days! I think this company is on to something big!

Joe D.

I used Drama Green on my pepper plants that were from the preceding year.  Not only did they come back but they were larger and more prolific than the year before.  They were also more disease and pest resistant then my newer plants.  Using Drama Green on my tomato plants has also drastically increased the number of tomatoes my plants produce!

Gayle C.

A little more about our products

Give your buds what they need

Registered Organic & Non-GMO
Bigger Buds & Blooms
Larger & Stronger Plants
Ideal for Hydroponic & Conventional Growing
Probiotic for the Soil & Water
Organic Healthier Better Tasting Herbs
Reduces Salt & Chemical Build-Up
Balances PH

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Faster growing plants with richer, healthier soil

Organic & Environmentally Friendly
Registered Organic & Non-GMO
Promotes Earthworm Activity
Improves Soil Water Retention
Aids Breakdown of Hard Compacted Soil
Activates Soil’s Natural Enzymes & Microbes
Increases Flowering & Fruiting
Stronger Plants & Root Systems
Faster Breakdown of Compost
Odorless, Non-Toxic & Chemical Free

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Rids the environment of toxic chemicals and odors

Registered Organic & Non-GMO
Removes Toxins from Soil & Water​
All types of Environmental Clean-ups                   
Non-toxic and Non-pathogenic​
For Commercial Grease Traps
RV Holding Tanks to Reduce Odors
Industrial Spills Including Fracking Water, Gasoline and Diesel
Add to Septic Tanks
Clean, Clears & Removes Odor from Sewage Ponds
Balances PH

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Stronger and better crops with bigger yields

Registered Organic & Non-GMO
Increase Crops Production
Odor Control for Livestock Pens
Immediately Loosens Soil & Improves Tilth
Improves Freeze & Drought Tolerance
Promotes Earthworm Activity
Clears & Cleans Water in Stock Tanks, Ponds & Streams
Improves Water Retention
Balances PH
Golf Courses & Sports Fields
Tank Odor Control

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Big Buds

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Drama Green

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