Our Story

Our Story

Our company started in 1959 when James Martin visited my father, Paul Carr, at his Carr and Howard Construction Company in Monahans, Texas.  On the direction of someone in town Mr. Martin came to talk about his “Living Water” product. My father was fascinated with him. He agreed to go see his plants he had grown in a test plot at his home.  My father invited me to go along with him to see these plants.  I was only 10 and loved spending time with my father and going on many of his business adventures.  We drove to the small town of Pyote, Texas  which was a few miles away from Monahans.  Mr. Martin greeted us at the door in his usual plaid shirt, khaki pants, and very thick glasses.  He was an older man than my father. He took us to the backyard to see two rows of plants.  Each type of plant was planted directly across from the other. One row looked as though they were struggling to grow in the dry West Texas soil and had fewer leaves and were much smaller.  The other row was bigger with of healthy foliage with lots of fruits and flowers. I will never forget our amazement when he explained he watered the sad small plants with regular city tap water and the lush plants were watered with his “Living Water”.  From that moment on we were sold on his product and had no idea this was only the beginning of many more wonderful surprises to come.  

Shortly after that these men entered into a business called Stan-Flo Chemical Corporation. They began setting up our original plant on some of my father’s property by using his road equipment and soon they were in production. My grandfather, being the horticulturist in our family, tested it on all his plants in his yard and ours. All of the results were so fantastic my grandfather used it on everything. I remember him saying that could tell it made a huge difference in the soil and health of the plants. My grandfather spent a lot of time teaching me gardening and the love of flowers and plants. A lab was set up for Mr. Martin to work on many more formulas which we have today and will introduce in the future. I witnessed so many of his projects coming together right before my eyes. He was delighted to show me many of the things he was developing. Stan-Flo Chemical Corporation was incorporated on October 5,1959. Only a few days later Mr. Martin was awarded his United States patent he had applied for 1956 and was awarded on October 13,1959. 


Living Water

The “Living Water” was the opposite of a hazardous chemical as it had the ability to eat chemicals, petroleum products, salt water, sewage and toxins from water and soil. Stan-Flo started working on all types of bioremediation projects all over West Texas. Sewage ponds and plant clean ups were extremely successful in Kermit, Big Spring and the largest in El Paso, Texas.  It was used in the oil industry by injecting it in oil wells to remove the paraffin build up that was stopping the oil to flow more freely. When they injected into the wells it created an atomic oxygen effect on the microorganisms.  This forced the oil loose by producing natural detergents and carbon dioxide between the rock wall and the oil. They were able to boost yields an average of 30 to 40 percent.  In some cases it increased the oil flow as high as 300 percent.  

I remember going to a feedlot in El Paso that my father was treating. It was so strong with odor, heavy flies, and mosquitoes that you barely get out of the car. A few days later we went back and there was no odor, flies, or mosquitoes. What an amazing change and so quickly! They fed it to animals, especially cattle which their clients were impressed as it produced healthier and larger animals. The same results were achieved in the agricultural industry where the crop yields were healthier and larger. Everyone was impressed with the loose and oxygenated soil with no chemical or salt build up.  There was also a heavy presence of earthworms that weren’t there before. In the 1970’s we started working with Black’s Nursery of El Paso, Texas.  At the time it was the largest nursery in the city. We first cleaned up a really polluted and bad smelling pond on their property. After that the nursery began using it by spraying in their greenhouses, they were very elated that our product created much larger and stronger plants.  Black’s Nursery used it in the landscaping business and the results were so great they began to use in their landscape projects.  In about 1974 Mr. Martin made a special trip to see me, and asked me to carry on his part of the business which he knew would be instrumental in the preservation of the environment. Stan-Flo had been rejected so many times as times because it was at least 50 years ahead of it’s time.  The big chemical companies paid off everyone they could to block any natural solutions and products. He said my father would probably not be alive or not able to continue the fight. Of course, all I could do was cry as the two men were my heroes. My favorite memory was Mr. Martin saying after the skeptics could not understand how his his miraculous product worked he would say " It would be simple if we were selling "elephants" as you could point them  for out all to see even an idiot." We would laugh as he was right. After being able to have tests done in today’s world microbiology is easier and more tests are available to be able to identify the microbes.

I vowed I would do everything I could to carry on for them both. He knew I would have  great success! I was surprised, overwhelmed, flattered and scared at the same time.  By the late 1980’s my father Paul Carr had already signed his rights to Stan Flo over to me and had given me all the documents he still had to start working on a new company. He helped my husband Eddie Kleck and I set up our first plant in San Antonio, Texas in 1994. We began our own testing finding the gift we had been given. My father passed away in 1995 and I had the wonderful job to carry on for he and Mr. Martin. 

Elementally Green is our new company name for our over 58 year old company. Our products have trademark registration in the USA.  We also have received an organic certification from the Washington State Department of Agriculture here in the United States. This proves our products are Non-GMO. We offer Elementally Green Environmental Clean Up Formula and Elementally Green Agricultural products sold wholesale and in large quantities for large agricultural projects and environmental remediation. Elementally Green is owned by Patsy Carr Kleck. My husband Eddie Kleck,my daughter Natalie Carr both are working to help our company grow.  Natalie Carr and my grandson Tristan Carr will carry on the company in the future for Paul Carr and James Martin.  We have a plant in San Antonio,Texas and in Nogal, New Mexico near to Ruidoso, New Mexico. We have expanded our operation. 

We are currently treating ponds and lakes with our bioremediation product. Golf courses have been treated with great results. Besides the grass and "greens’ are healthier, more freeze and drought tolerant there is less salt or chemical build to the soil.  All of our clients are happy and our demand is growing as they are learning we are not a fertilizer, but a biological soil activating "process". We are expanding our New Mexico and Texas business to working with daries, feedlots, the oil industry, and wineries. We have been doing many new tests on the product to further understand it on a technical basis. From the beginning of our original company our goal has been to clean up our already toxic earth. We are excited about a better future for us a

We are proud to be able to continue the work of these two wonderful men. Their efforts and dedication is being continued to help clean-up our planet at such a crucial time.

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