Our Secret

We can’t tell you everything about the secret to our Living water but we can tell you this:  

Living Water, which is the basis for everything Elementally Green, starts with bacteria. That’s right, BACTERIA! 

These bacteria come together to create our Living Water that makes miracles happen wherever it goes!  ​Elementally Green’s products contain these five main beneficial bacteria that we have identified in certified laboratory tests. These five explain how our products work. Each one of these have different properties that are beneficial to the environment and a nourishing effect on the soil.

​Our products continue to work long after applied as they are a PROCESS not just another additive, in fact it is a PROBIOTIC. The microbes continues to work even better with each application and watering. Water and rain keep the microbes activated.

Fertilizers  if over applied can kill the soil’s naturally occurring "good" bacteria and enzymes, even the plants. Since our products can be applied generously and as often as needed, you will see the surprising benefits. This product is a restorative to the soil and water with each application.

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