Cinder Ridge Farms

Well... just for fun, the other day I did a test on Elementally Greens Big Buds product/mix... this product is new to us here and I was curious... and I read on the bottle that you can use this product as a seed soak as well as a foliar and soil drench. So I did a little test, I soaked 4 beans just to see if it would help germination rates and make them faster. Usually it takes about 72 hours max to get a good enough tail to plant in I soaked 24 hours and planted directly into soil. After 48 hours, they were poking through the soil in their cups reaching for the light. Couldn’t believe how quick it was, truly the best product yet we’ve tested (as a seed and soak agent) so far!!! And this is much more than just a seed soak, full of enzymes and beneficial fungi and bacterias... unbelievable!!! Absolutely love this product and glad to have International Bio Solutions on board here at Cinder Ridge Farms! I recommend you all look into adding it your regiment. I can’t wait to test this full time come March 1st when we plan on getting things fired up and going for this season! Great product! Made in the USA...Check em out!  


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